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Kitchen Fire Safety

copyright January 1, 2006, Robert Levitt

More fires start in the kitchen than in any other room of your apartment. So be careful.

Unplug Appliances

  • Unplug applicances such as kettles, toaster ovens, frying pans/deep friers, etc., when not in use.

  • Keep appliances away from young children and keep them and their cords away from the edge of counters and tables, where small children can pull them down.

Flammable Items

  • Keep flammable items such as paper towel rolls and curtains away from stoves, ovens, hot plates and all other appliances.

Other accidents waiting to happen

  • Stay alert! Cooking and intoxication don't mix so don't cook if you are drunk or "stoned" or even if you are feeling drowsy due to lack of sleep or from medication

  • Never leave cooking unattened on the stove.

  • Do not have cooking pot handles sticking out from the stovetop, as these are a hazard for tipping when walking by.

  • If you have small children where possible use the back burner on your stovetop to make it more difficult for them to grab cooking pots.

  • Avoid wearing loose clothing or sleeves that could catch fire when cooking.

  • Clean your stove. Built up grease and oil can catch fire.

What to do for a stovetop fire

  • Turn off the stove, then smother any flames with a pot lid or with a larger pot.

  • Never pour water or flour onto an oil or grease fire.

  • If you are familiar with the safe operation of fire extinguishers then used an approved fire extinguisher, aiming at the base of the fire.

  • Never attempt to carry or touch a burning pot as you may be burnt or spread the fire.

  • If you have an oven fire, close the oven door and turn it off until the fire stops.

  • If you don't bring the fire under control immediately, get yourself and your family out and immediately call 911 for the fire department.

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