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"The middle-class housing crisis"

Housing for middle- and lower-income families is in short supply in the post-war boom.

Toronto Star - February 3, 1950

If rent control were suddenly to cease, many families would suddenly be confronted by the danger of eviction or the necessity to find other accommodation because they could not afford to stay where they are. This is emphasized in the report of a cross-country survey released by the Canadian Welfare Council.

The council's study shows that rent control is needed as long as an acute shortage of housing exists in the rental field. In particular such protection is needed by the majority of middle-class families as well as by families in the lower-income brackets. The council's study dealt exclusively with families having monthly incomes between $125 and $175; who occupy single, or semi-detached houses; and who paid between $25 and $35 per month rent. None were in receipt of relief.

The welfare council's study indicated the acute need in almost every part of Canada of such housing developments as Regent Park in Toronto.

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