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Ontario Electricity studies, reports and more news articles

To read select and the most recent news articles go to the Ontario Hydro page.

Ontario Electricity Reports

Ontario Power Outlook, 18 Month, Ontario electricity forcase summary from the Independent Electricity Market Operator

Ontario Electricity Forcasts from the Independent Electricity Market Operator

Various Publications, including Electricity supply reports, from the Ontario Power Authority

Ontario Power Generation Reports

The Price Isn't Right: The Need for Reform in Consumer Electricity Pricing, C.D. Howe Institute, Jan. 13, 2010

Smart Privacy for the Smart Grid: Embedding Privacy into the Design of Electricity Conservation, Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, November 17, 2009

Emerging Technologies in Electricity Generation, an Energy Market Assessment, National Energy Board, March 2006

Final Report on the Implementation of the U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force Recommendations, Blackout study, Natural Resources Canada, February 2006

Impacts of Government Energy Policy in Ontario, Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario ,December 8, 2005

10-year Ontario electricity supply forcast, the Independent Electricity Market Operator, July 8, 2005

Cost Benefit Analysis: Replacing Ontario's Coal-Fired Electricity Generation, Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, April 2005

Electricity in Canada - Who Needs It? Who's got it, TD Bank, March 7, 2005

A Clean Energy Transfer Between Manitoba and Ontario, Preliminary Assessment, (A project that has been talked about since 1990,) September 2004

The Ontario Government's proposals on electricity restructuring, Public Service International Research Unit, University of Greewich, August 2004

A Compendium of Electric Reliability Frameworks Across Canada, National Energy Board, June 2004

The Impact of Electricity Deregulation on Alberta small and medium-sized business, Canadian Federation of Independent Business,Alberta Branch, July 2001

Disastrous electric power privatization, by Myron J.Gordon, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, April 4, 2002

Lessons from Alberta on the De-regulation of the Electricity Industry, by Rick Wallace, for The Parkland Institute,The University of Alberta, April, 2001.

2010 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Slow economy leaves Ontario ample power, Toronto Star, Feb 24, 2010

Ontario Power Generation seeks 9.6 per cent rate hike, Toronto Star, March 29, 2010

Hydro bill to get even bigger, Toronto Star, April 2, 2010

Electricity prices head upwards, Toronto Star, April 14, 2010

2009 Electricity Newspaper Articles

2008 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Ontario pioneers fluorescent recycling, Toronto Star, June 19/08

Ontario' regulatory process for electricity has broken down, National Post, October 21/08

Ontario government opposes two possible new nuclear reactors from Bruce Power, Canadian Press, October 31/08

2007 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Power to the people: Energy salaries top list, Toronto Star, March 31, 07

Direct Energy chided for 'sloppiness', Toronto Star, June 9/07

Landfill sites hide electricity potential Toronto Star, June 27/07

Long, slow road to meeting nuclear power needs, Toronto Star, Aug 11/07

Power authority chief stirs conflict-of-interest fears, Toronto Star, Aug 15/07

City making green electricity, Northern Life, Nov 7/07

2006 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Check out who Dalton stacked the board of the Ontario Power Authority with NOW Jan 5/06

2005 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Ontario Energy Board boosts residential and small-business electricity prices CP Mar 11/05

Ontario law firms gear up for energy boomlet G&M Apr 11/05

Soaring hydro rates force firms to reconsider expansion plans G&M Jul 25/05

High energy costs hurt Ontario industryToronto Star Jul 27/05

CIBC to pay $2.4-billion to settle Enron investors suit Globe and Mail Aug 3/05

Gas and hydro rates set to soar Globe and Mail Sept 16/05

2004 Electricity Newspaper Articles

On the brink in blackout Toronto almost ran out of water Toronto Star Jan 5/04

Councillor moves to keep the lights on Lindsay This Week Jan 27/04

OPG cuts Pickering top jobs contracts. Mothballed nuclear units future uncertain Toronto Star Feb 7/04

Hydro utilities trying once again to pull off merger. Vaughan to join with Markham Toronto Star Feb 20/04

Auditor-General urged to probe Ontario hydro deals CP Feb 24/04

Top Ontario Tories got fat Hydro deals Globe and Mail Feb 24/04

Common sense was lost when Ontario Tories won Globe and Mail Feb 24/04

Tory advisor received $400,000 in Hydro One deals National Post Feb 26/04

Toronto Hydro net income for 2003 $95.6 million Toronto Hydro Corporation Feb 27/04

Hydro contracts haunt Ontario Tory race Toronto Sun Feb 29/04

Plans to shut down Nanticoke threatens 900 Hydro jobs London Free Press Mar 18/04

Ontario's hydro bill: $40 Billion Toronto Sun Mar 18/04

Mike Harris got $18,000 for advice on Hydro Toronto Star Mar 18/04

Harris tipped $18.5Gs for Hydro One advice, Toronto Sun, March 18, 2004

Coal plant closings worry chemical sector Toronto Star Mar 23/04

Natural gas, hydro going up, London Free Press, Mar 25/04

No hydro rate relief for poor Toronto Star Mar 25/04

Province to help poor pay the bills. $2 million will cover hydro costs Toronto Star Mar 29/04

Hydro, rent aid for poor inadequate Toronto Star Mar 30/04

Independent Electricity Market Operator warns of power shortfalls, Canadian Press, March 31, 2004

Hydro rates increasing again Mississauga News Mar 31/04

4,000 at OPG got over $100Gs Toronto Sun Apr 7/04

OPG, Hydro One salaries soar CP Apr 9/04

Hydrogen Sulphide emissions from Bruce Nuclear heavy water plant Toronto Star Apr 10/04

Manitoba's hydro may keep lights on Toronto Star Apr 12/04

California faces repeat of deregulation debate AP April 16/04

OPG and Hydro One's huge executive salaries Toronto Sun Apr 29/04

Direct Energy complaints by consumers Calgary Herald May 16/04

Direct Energy and forged gas and electricity contracts Calgary Herald May 16/04

Direct Energy door-to-door salesmen sales agents Calgary Herald May 16/04

Direct Energy says it reacts to consumer complaints swiftly and appropriately Calgary Herald May 16/04

Alberta government welcomes Direct Energy Calgary Herald May 16/04

Enron gouged customers of $1.1 Billion, utility says AP Jun 14/04

Ontario better prepared for blackout: McGuinty CP Aug 12/04

Emergency preparedness plans gain attention Toronto Star Aug 14/04

Keep nuclear waste accessible, says report Toronto Star Aug 26/04

Grit fundraisers spur calls for disclosure London Free Press Aug 28/04

Law would cut marijuana grow-op power Toronto Star Oct 8/04

Revise Ontario proposed marijuana grow-ops law Toronto Star Oct 11/04

Hydro deregulation urged by Fraser Institute's Mark Mullins Toronto Star Oct 26/04

Smart meters could cost Ontario $2.3 billion. All households to have one by 2010 Toronto Star Oct 28/04

Private firms dispute cost of smart meters Toronto Star Oct 30/04

Chiefs reject MNR hydro-electric dam policy Wawatay News Dec 4/04

Conservation plans across the GTA come with rate hike Tornoto Star, Dec 11/04

2003 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Staff cut corners at nuclear plant Toronto Star, Feb 7/03

Direct Energy Marketing and Ontario Energy Savings fined for fraud CP Jun 20/03

Editorial: Beware your hydro bill Toronto Star Jun 20/03

Lay off the grill top Tory advises, His comments are called 'ridiculous Toronto Star Jun 25/03

Power system needs enlightened planning St Catherines Standard Jun 26/03

Man dies alone during blackout Toronto Star Aug 17/03

The complexity of switching lights back on Globe and Mail Aug 20/03

How our nuclear reactors failed us Ottawa Citizen Aug 20/03

Blackout shines the spotlight on province's power politics Toronto Star Aug 23/03

How one power grid kept lights on Toronto Star Sep 8/03

Corporation fined after young man lost 3 limbs Toronto Star Sep 12/03

How did we get into this mess?, Toronto Star, September 17, 2003

How serious is this mess?, Toronto Star, September 18, 2003

Ohio company at heart of blackout Toronto Star Nov 20/03

Epic botch-up could leave Ontario cold G&M Dec 5/03

Answers still owed on Pickering fiasco Toronto Star Dec 6/03

CIBC to settle with SEC in Enron probe, Toronto Star Dec 20/03

2002 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Ontarians face price shocks on hydro bills, but Mike Harris says prices will drop Globe and Mail Feb 9/02

Power prices manipulated in three cases; Alberta Power Pool probe concludes Edmonton Journal May 29/02

Nuclear plant leasing deal will be costly Auditor says Globe and Mail Jun 7/02

Hydro deregulation was supposed to improve things but that was a crock Toronto Sun Oct 20/02

Minister vows fast hydro asset sale Financial Post Oct 25/02

Hydro nearly cut off to disabled child. Would not be able to power ventilator needed to survive Canadian Press Oct 29/02

Power bills boost food bank ranks Barrie Advance Oct 30/02

Hydro Ottawa says don't blame us Ottawa Citizen Oct 30/02

Critics blast Ontario power deregulation Globe and Mail Nov 2/02

Veridian says it's got bills to pay too Belleville Expositor Nov 6/02

Hydro cost may boost tax bills The Kitchener-Waterloo Record Nov 9/02

Liberal leader warns against hydro selloff Ottawa Sun Nov 9/02

2001 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Privatizing electricity makes no sense by Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star Jan 30/01

The true lessons of California Toronto Star Jan 30/01

2000 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Hydro fumble Toronto Star Jun 24/00. Ontario Energy Minister Jim Wilson's promise to introduce legislation to prevent municipalities from raising hydro rates as a hidden tax grab, a promise he broke at the end of 2000

Producing Electricity from Natural Gas a Dead End Toronto Star Dec 14/00

1999 Electricity Newspaper Articles

The sacking, and plunder, of Ontario, by Dalton Camp, Toronto Star, Jan 24/99. While poor Ontarian's experience cutbacks and are told they are being offered only a "hand up" Mike Harris' friends receive handouts from government owned Ontario Hydro

Questionable economics in Hydro sell-off, Editorial Toronto Star Apr 18/99

1998 Electricity Newspaper Articles

Soon you can shop for hydro, Energy Probe, supports the changes, Toronto Star Jun 10/98

T.O. Hydro bills may drop 20%, Toronto Sun Jun 11/98. Yes, the government was claiming the prices could go down with deregulation of prices, just as they claimed dramatically weakening rent regulations would lower rents.

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