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Jim Wilson Ontario Conservative Energy Minister
Jim Wilson
The sacking, and plunder, of Ontario by the Mike Harris government
Questionable economics in Hydro sell-off
Toronto Hydro
Producing Electricity from Natural Gas a Dead End
Privatizing electricity in Ontario makes no sense
Lessons from California's electricity deregulation
Electricity deregulation in Ontario will double our bills
Hydro joins the sales rush
Power bills boost food bank ranks
Dalton McGuinty flip-flopps on Hydro One privatization
Hydro nearly cut off to disabled child. Would not be able to power ventilator needed to survive
Beware fixed-price hydro contracts, watchdog warns Ontario
Power prices manipulated in three cases; Alberta Power Pool probe concludes
Ontario Liberals' McGuinty calls for breakup of Ontario Power Generation, Financial Post, March 15, 2002
Minister vows fast hydro asset sale
Energy Probe
Bruce Nuclear & Chris Stockwell
John Baird
Ontario Hydro Energy fined
Kitchener, Ontario Landlord refuses to pay 'exorbitant' hydro bill
Hydro electricity costs may boost tax bills
Hydro Ottawa says don't blame us
Manley: GST stays on hydro tax
Liberal leader warns against hydro selloff
Hydro deregulation
Toronto's out-of-sight Hydro kitty
Direct Energy Marketing and Ontario Energy Savings fined for fraud
Ontario Electricity Facts
The complexity of switching lights back on
Pickering nuclear power generation plant refurbishing over budget and behind schedule
Ontario hydro customers must pay for power they donít use
Agencies fear hydro cutoffs will hurt children
London, Ontario Landlords battling city over utility bills
How our nuclear reactors failed us
Ontario power system needs enlightened planning
Staff cut corners at nuclear plant
Toronto Hydro quadrupled 2002 profits
Beware your hydro bill - negative option billing
Direct Energy fined
Ontario environment minister says BBQ grills major source of pollution
Man dies alone during blackout
Blackout shines the spotlight on Ontario's power politics
How Quebec's power grid kept lights on during the blackout of 2003
Great Lakes Power fined after young man lost 3 limbs
How did we get into this Ontario electricity generation mess 2003
How bad is the Ontario electricity situation
How do we solve Ontario's electricity problems
Ohio company at heart of blackout
Ontario energy policy needed to prevent energy shortage
Questions about management and high salaries at Ontario Power Generation OPG
Deregulated electricity market's role in the power blackout of August 14 2003
CIBC to settle with SEC in Enron probe
California faces repeat of electricty deregulation debate
Direct Energy complaints by consumers
Direct Energy and forged gas / electricity contracts
Direct Energy door-to-door salesmen sales agents
Direct Energy says it reacts to consumer complaints swiftly and appropriately
Alberta government welcomes Direct Energy
Toronto Hydro Corporation net income continues to increase rise
Ontario Energy Board lays out rules on security deposits
Auditor-General urged to probe Ontario hydro deals
Ontario's Independent Electricity Market Operator warns of power shortfalls, power shortage
OPG and Hydro One salaries soar
Premier Dalton McGuinty says Ontario better prepared for blackout
OPG: Ontario Power Generation mercury emissions up
Ontario hydro customers could have to pay $2.3 billion for smart meters
Top Ontario Tories got fat Hydro deals
Common sense was lost when Ontario Tories won
Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan says consumers willing to pay higher electricity bills
Tory insider defends job with Hydro One
Ontario Liberal policies could provoke spiralling electricity costs, report says
Nuclear power gets nod in Ontario energy
London Hydro to repay $3.5M in security deposits
Ontario Tory campaign aides linked to contracts
Plans to shut down Nanticoke coal-fired generating station threatens 900 Hydro jobs
London Ontario natural gas, hydro rates going up
Ontario Liberal government fundraiser raises conflict of interest questions
Lindsay councillors wants Ontario government to ban winter hydro disconnections cutoffs
Mississauga Hydro electricity prices increasing again
Hydro One contracts and Jaime Watt - Jamie Watt
Councillors fear Hydro Ottawa deal will boost rates
Hydro contracts haunt Ontario Tory nomination race
Mike Harris received $18G's for Hydro One advice, Ontario government accused of conflict of interest
4,000 at OPG got over $100Gs
Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak's wifes huge executive salaries
In blackout Toronto almost ran out of water
OPG cuts Pickering nuclear station's top jobs
Hydro Vaughan, Markham Hydro and Richmond Hill to merge
Squeeze on natural gas supplies as Ontario shuts down coal-fired electricity power plants
Ontario Energy minister pegs high cost of upgrading aging system
Mike Harris got $18,000 for advice on Hydro
Coal electric generator closings may lead to natural gas shortage
No hydro rate relief for poor in Ontario
Smart meters will cost Ontario consumers
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty offers only $2 million to help poor pay for his increased hydro electricity prices
Ontario hydro, rent aid for poor inadequate
John Manley report for OPG recommends privatizing more nuclear power plants
Hydrogen Sulphide emissions from Bruce Nuclear heavy water plant
Manitoba's hydro may keep lights on
Tunnel to expand Niagara electric power plant
McGuinty government will be hard-pressed to shut down coal-fired plants by 2007
Lack of preparedness for North American power blackout
Ontario Energy Minister Dwight Duncan defends Liberal fundraiser before hydro electricity contract deadline
Keep Canada's nuclear waste accessible says report
Ontario government scrambles to replace coal-fired power plants
Rental apartment and condominium units will get individual electricity meters in Ontario
Ontario law would cut marijuana grow-op power
Revise Ontario marijuana grow-ops law
Fraser Institute's Mark Mullins says Ontario electricity prices would drop if deregulated
Smart meters
Private firms dispute cost of smart meters
Wind-power deal fans charges of Ontario Liberal cronyism
Ontario hydro proposal would double peak-time costs
Old beer fridges and air conditioners targeted under plans
Firms gives Ontario tenants separate meters
Ontario Energy Board increases electricity prices
Ontario on brink of blackout
Push to privatize Ontario hydro electricity power infrastructure
Ontario law firms gear up for energy boom
Soaring hydro rates force firms to reconsider expansion plans
CIBC to pay $2.4-billion to settle Enron investors suit
Ontario's Energy Crunch - Gas and hydro rates set to soar
Poorest families could tip over edge due to electricity bill deposits
Experts Assess Deregulation as Factor in '03 Blackout
Ontario Power Authority hires Liberal Party insiders
Ontario electricity rates will vary by household and season
Smart meter cost may double for Ontario
Revised `smart meter' program may add to costs
Ontario tenants could face energy bills
High energy costs hurt Ontario industries
Nuclear plants needed: Ontario Energy Minister
CFL lights banned from Ottawa garbage due to Mercury
Toronto Hydro really a hidden tax against Toronto taxpayers
Landlords and Tenants in conflicts over Smart Meters
Mercury in fluorescent bulbs risky
Accept more nuclear power stations says Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
Aquila will pay $26.5 million in natural gas price manipulation fine
Increasing natural gas prices due to market speculators manipulating the market?
Natural Gas Prices Rising
EnCana fined for gas price manipulation
Enbridge rapped for usurious late-fee penalties approved by the OEB
fines over false natural gas index reporting, faked prices
Big Oil greed greater issue than supply and demand
Direct Energy still treating customers with disdain
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc late-payment penalties ruled illegal
Rising heating costs increasing poverty