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Toxic Mold Resources

A compendium of toxic mold, fungus, and indoor air quality, internet links

Many people have asked for additional information on health issues, so here is a list of a few of them, for those who want to to wade through it. It is not in any particular order at this point, but like the rest of the site, as some order becomes apparent and I have the time, I eventually will try to organize this list.

For mold removal / remediation information and some recent articles, please go to the Tenant Health page where you can also find information on asthma, bed bugs, cockroachs, mice, pigeons and other pests.

The Cleveland infant lung bleeding Incident American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics Vol. 99 No. 1, Jan. 1997, page e5

Alert: Mould in Workplace Buildings Ontario Ministry of Labour

Questions and Answers on Stachybotrus and other Molds Center for Disease Control

Mold in my home. What do I do? California Department of Health Services

Facts about Mold. New York City Department of Health

Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments, New York City, Department of Health

Moulds - Controlling Exposure is Essential. Construction Safety Association of Ontario

Sick Building Syndrome New York University, Medical Center

Mold - Vancouver Condo owners say CMHC knew about leaks CBC, October 5, 1999

School Air and toxic mold CBC Marketplace - Health and Safety, January 5, 1999

Fungi in Ventilation Systems Pennsylvania State University, Architectural Engineering and Biology Departments.

Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics Vol. 104, No. 4, April 1998, pp. 712-714

Fungal Contamination in Public Buildings: A guide to recognition and management. Health Canada - Environmental Health Program (this 88 page PDF, Adobe, file is very slow to download)

Mold in homes Minnesota Department of Health

Health Effects of Toxin-Producing Molds in California California Departments of Health Services

Stachybotrys chartarum (atra) — a mold that may be found in water-damaged homes California Departments of Health Services. Includes a description of possible health effects from exposure to this mold, methods to prevent occurrence and recommendations for clean-up methods.

Fungi and Indoor Air Quality
California Departments of Health Services. Describes types of molds commonly found indoors in home and office environments and the physical conditions that encourage their growth. Health effects that may be related to a variety of molds are discussed. Health problems including allergic, infectious and inflammatory conditions are included. Methods for preventing and controlling indoor mold contamination are reviewed.

Misinterpretation of Stachybotrys Serology
California Departments of Health Services. There is currently no testing method that can accurately determine whether an individual has been exposed to Stachybotrys toxins or spores.

Indoor Air Quality U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This document has information useful to all, including tenants and property owners.

Concise information on molds in the environment Center for Disease Control. Mold types, their possible human health effects, where molds are found and recommendations for decreasing indoor mold exposure.

Cleaning up water problems from floods, roof or pipe leaks, etc. University of Minnesota, Department of Environmental Health and Safety

Glossary of various fungi University of Minnesota, Department of Environmental Health and Safety

Pulmonary Hemorrhage/Hemosiderosis among infants, Clevelandl Ohio, 1993-1996 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report of its review and reanalysis of the 1993-1996 Cleveleand infant lung bleeding cases that brought Stachybotrys chartarum mold to national attention. CDC concludes that exposure to this or other molds was not proven to be associated with lung bleeding in these cases.

Full text of the Pulmonary Hemorrhage/Hemosiderosis report Center for Disease Control, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR, February 3, 1995: Vol. 44, No 4) (this is a 197k PDF, Adobe, file)

Acute Pulmonary Hemorrhage Among Infants --- Chicago, April 1992--November 1994 (February 3, 1995: Vol. 44, No. 4)
Preview (short text) or Full text (this is 257k PDF, Adobe, file)

Update: Pulmonary Hemorrhage/Hemosiderosis Among Infants. (MMWR January 17, 1997: Vol. 46, No. 2.)
Preview (short text) or Full text (this is 313k PDF, Adobe, file)

Report of the CDC internal working groups that reanalyzed the investigation of 1993-1996 Cleveland infant lung bleeding cases.

Commonly Asked Questions about indoor molds. Minnesota Department of Health.

CDC compilation of reports that were individually submitted by external panel members reviewing the 1993-1996 Clevleand infant lung bleeding case investigation.

National Public Health Institute, Division of Environmental Health, FINLAND:

    Abstract: Mechanisms of Adverse Health Effects of Mouldy House Microbes

    Abstract: Exposure to Bioaerosols

    Abstract: Schools, Mould and Health, an Intervention Study

    Abstract: Development of Methods to Monitor the Success of Repair Methods

    Abstract: Neurotoxic Effects of Microbial Toxins

    Abstract: Development of Molecular Methods for Detection of Harmful Micro organisms in Work Environments: Fungi

    Abstract: Biological Activities of the Metabolites of Microbes Present in the Indoor Air

    Abstract: Environment, Decision-making and Well-being-insecurity, Uncertainty and Crisis of Expertise

    Abstract: Radonsafe Foundation, Moisture Prevention and Air Exchange in a Health Building

    Abstract: Adsorption, Desorption and Chemical Reation in the Particulate Matter Collected on Air Filters and Ducts

    Abstract: Fungal Allergens and Antigens - Their Characterization and Biological Effects in Mice After Inhalation Exposure

    Abstract: Indoor Air Quality Control

    Abstract: Mould and Moisture Transfer in Building Structures and Buildings
    with Particular Regard to the Prevention of Health Hazards

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