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Tenant and Housing History Archives

Those who can't remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
- George Santayana

Rent Controls, a short history of rental housing in Ontario


The middle-class housing crisis, Toronto Star, Feb 3


Rent Control, Toronto Star, Apr 26
Godfrey urges that landlords be licensed Toronto Star, Augt 1
Mayors say rent review won't save gouged tenants Toronto Star, Aug 2
Tenants demand self-rule Toronto Star, Aug 2
Baffling talk at Queen's Park on rents Toronto Star, Oct 10
What was said on rent reviews Toronto Star, Oct 10
Lastman urges Davis action on rent controls Toronto Star, Oct 10
Study says rents in Metro up 13.3% Toronto Star, Oct 25
Ontario orders rent increases held to 8% Toronto Star, Nov 6
Alderman says rent ceiling will become minimum boost Toronto Star, Dec 6


Tenant representatives sell out tenants rights to Ontario Liberal government, Now Dec11-17 (external site opens in new window)


Toronto landlord Phil Wynn threatens to evict residents for joining tenants' group Toronto Star, Apr 7


High-rise tenant claim victory over landlord Phil Wynn Globe and Mail, Apr 9


B.C. rent control ban benefits landlords G&M, Jan 10
Greg Sorbara's tenants face big rent hike Toronto Star, Apr 4
Sorbara urged to sell stake in two high-rise apartment companies Toronto Star, Apr 5


Harassment and possible racism at the Crossways Apartments, letter


Tenant groups wants a head tax on all apartments to fund themselves, Ottawa Citizen June 27 (external site opens in new window)
Investors go apartment hunting G&M, Jul 5
Politicans, psychopaths not-so-strange bedfellows Reuters, Sept. 5


Tenants fight ex-landlord for complex Toronto Star, May 25
No Apartment Construction Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star, Jun 13
Hunt for low-cost housing hard G&M, Jun 26
Ottawa rejects plan on housing Toronto Star, Jul 24
Rent bill unfair: Tenants Ottawa Citizen, Aug 9
Rent changes will hurt poor mayor says Toronto Star, Aug 14
Unfair Taxes Ripped, Report urges break for tenants Toronto Sun, Sep 9
Ottawa forced to recall rights report G&M, Sep 18
New Leach screwup voters list in chaos Now Weekly, Oct 9
Lastman Fumes over MTHA Privatization Plans Toronto Sun, Oct 13
Rent Control out in Spring Toronto Sun, Nov 19


Harris predicts property taxes will decline Toronto Star, Jun 4
The worst of times for debate on property tax Tornto Star, Jun 28
Councillors confronted by great tax divide Toronto Star, July 7
Easier Evictions - Harris' Tenant Protection Roncesvalles Voice, Dec 1


CAP REIT Announces Significantly Improved Year-End Results press release, Feb 24
Rent erodes tenants' income, study shows Toronto Star, Mar 23
Seniors fight for their homes. Bargain apartments due to be demolished Toronto Star, Mar 24
Tenants rage over evictions Toronto Sun, Apr 18
City of Toronto fights loophole in tenant legislation Toronto Star, May 5
Housing fight goes to city hall Toronto Sun, May 14
Dalton McGuinty pledges to bring back full rent controls Globe and Mail, May 22
Toronto landlord's rent notice jumps gun on increase Toronto Star, May 29
Super - and $70Gs - vanish Toronto Sun, Jun 30
Rent hikes a 'legal stickup' Toronto Sun, Aug 5
Rental crunch hits university students Toronto Sun, Aug 15
Tenants protest loophole in Ontario rent rules Toronto Star, Aug 23
Dalton McGuinty appoints landlord lobbyist as his Chief of Staff Toronto Star, Oct 11
Ontario rental housing crisis looms CP, Nov 5
Landlord hit with 10 charges after fatal fire Toronto Sun, Dec 30


CAP REIT Announces Strong Year End Results Press Release, Feb 23
Construct more cheap housing, builders told Toronto Star, Apr 17
Toronto renters face food crisis Toronto Sun, Apr 24
Toronto evictions up 45% since 1992 Toronto Sun, May 16
Poor? Coloured? Then it's no vacancy G&M, July 18
Who is protecting the tenants? Toronto Star, Jul 27
Editorial: Apartments needed Toronto Star, Oct 13
Raise shelter allowance Toronto Star, Oct 27


Wynn's won't reopen West Lodge pool, NP, Jan 23 (external site opens in new window)
High-Rise Ghettos Toronto Star, Feb 3
Decent housing should be a right, not a dream Kitchener Waterloo Record, Feb 5
ResREIT announces record year-end results CNW, Feb 22
Ernie Eves named to board of real estate trust National Post, March 6
Immigrants hit with `illegal' rents Toronto Star, Jul 29
Illegal Rent Requests, Immigrants can pay a year's rent Hamilton Spectator, Jul 30
2002 rent hikes can hit 3.9% Toronto Sun, Aug 26
Rent hike threatens poorest tenants Hamilton Spectator, Aug 30
Illegal deposits help immigrants get a place to live Kitchener Waterloo Record, Aug 30
Students face rental market with fewer units, skyrocketing rents Ottawa Citizen, Aug 31
Councillors consider proposal to charge for garbage collection at apartments and condos G&M, Sep 5
Millions to be spent on mouldy public housing Vancouver Sun, Sep 14
Toronto tenants get less but pay more Toronto Star, Oct 21
Fair taxes for tenants Toronto Star, Oct 23
If natural gas prices fall, rents must too, group says Toronto Star, Nov 12
Rental Balance (about utility costs and rents) Toronto Star, Nov 13
Man charged in Toronto apartment deposit fraud East York Mirror/Guardian, Nov 24
Good luck finding an apartment in Hamilton Hamilton Spectator, Nov 27
Rentals tight across region Kitchener Waterloo Record, Nov 27
Toronto's housing crisis up close and personal The Varsity, Dec 10
Poor kept waiting Toronto Star, Dec 12
Peterborough Mayor suggests housing incentive Peterborough Examiner, Dec 22


Toronto public housing board asks how to unload its job G&M Jan 14
Housing plan may boost downtown Peterborough Peterborough Examiner, Jan 22
This city needs apartment living, not front doors G&M, Jan 30
Minto tenants say rent hike 'not justified' Ottawa Citizen, Jan 30
Poor using food money to pay rent Ottawa Citizen, Feb 11
ResREIT announces record year-end results (26% Return!), CNW, Feb 21
Ruling protects rental housing, City of Toronto says Toronto Star, Feb 22
Saving affordable flats Toronto Star, Feb 25
Ontario landlords said using discounted rents to lure unsuspecting tenants CP Feb 26
LET'S DEAL, NOW March 14-20, 2002, (on a conflict of interest at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal)
Tenants complain about racial discrimination in housing Toronto Star, March 21
Tenants pay too much tax Ottawa Citizen, Apr 11
Group wants province to freeze rents for seniors on fixed incomes The Record, Apr 16
Renters' group ambushes Witmer The Record, Apr 25
Rents up 16% on Waterloo 3-bedroom housing Toronto Star, Apr 29
Big kickstart for rental housing in Toronto Toronto Star, May 31
Report urges Ontario to reverse policies to ease rental-housing crisis CP, June 10
'Why would someone rent,' one realtor asks National Post, June 13
Real estate trust to add apartments in bid to match banner year: 27% return in 2001 National Post, Jun 13
Ontario tenants evicted too easily: report CP, Jun 19
Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal's fairness defended London Free Press, Jun 21
Rent hikes based on gas spike are `illegal,' appeal told Toronto Star, Jun 29
Toronto firm buys 22 city buildings London Free Press, Jul 7
Universities scramble to head off housing crunch Ottawa Citizen, Jul 13
Facing the long wait for public housing in Ontario Peterborough Examiner, Jul 14
Homeless need federal money Eves won't hand over The Record, Jul 15
McMaster University and shortage of student housing Hamilton Spectator, Aug 13
Apartment scam fools students Toronto Star, Aug 15
Rent aid program gets a fix Toronto Star, Aug 20
Phony landlord had more victims, police say Toronto Star, Aug 20
Waterloo still building dormitory space Guelph Mercury, Aug 27
Landlord's special levy upheld Toronto Star, Aug 27
Carleton University students residence set up in local motel Ottawa Sun, Sep 1
Manitoba announces its rent increase guidline is 1% CP, Sep 4
Tenant Protection Act should do just that Toronto Star, Sep 5
Toronto public housing agency cutbacks Toronto Star, Sep 5
Big cuts in works for Toronto public housing corporation North York Mirror, Sep 6
Seniors suffer over high rents in Burlington Hamilton Spectator, Sep 9
Unfair rent increases based on temporary utility price fluctuations CP, Sep 25
Kingston property tax policy for apartments multi-unit residential Kingston Whig-Standard, Sep 30
Life can be tough for those on fixed incomes: housing co-ordinator Belleville Intelligencer, Oct 15
Loss of rental units hits Toronto hardest Toronto Star, Oct 24
Liberals unveil tenant-aid package including eliminating vacancy decontrol Globe and Mail, Nov 26
Kitchener housing tribunal office to close in 2003 The Record, Nov 26


Winter shelter need rising The Record, Jan 7
Universities give gifts for students' rooms G&M, Jul 16
Will that be residence, or a free PC? Toronto Star, Jul 16
More tenants find they can't afford the rent Toronto Star, Sep 3
A good time to focus on the poor Toronto Star, Sep 5
Don't stick tenants with hefty tax bills, subsidizing homeowners property taxes Toronto Star, Nov 8
Shelter after 10 years of storms Toronto Star, Nov 19


Tenants fighting Ontario eviction factory Toronto Star, Feb 15
Apartment demand exceeds supply G&M, Mar 16
Merger of REITs to create colossus; Property trusts in $510 million deal Toronto Star, Mar 31


Feds sign low-cost housing deal Broadcast News, Apr 29
Ontario, Ottawa sign $602M housing deal CP, Apr 29
Housing funds flow to city G&M, Apr 30
London Ontario ready to get moving with affordable housing projects London Free Press, Apr 30
Queen's Park on board Toronto Sun, Apr 30
Ontario Premier McGuinty neglects tenant rights, Toronto Star, Oct 31

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