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Reports: tenant rights & poverty
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Ontario annual rent increase guideline for 2019 set at 1.8%

Remember that the landlord must given you at least 90 days written notice of the rent increase before it can take effect. Here is a list of past annual guideline rent increases.

The Government's Ontario Electricity Support Program

If you pay your own hydro bill directly (that is, it is not included in the rent,) you may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bills. Click on Ontario Electricity Rebates to find out more information from the Ontario Electricity Board, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

Ontario Tenants' Rights - Heat & Electricity Survey January-March 2016

The Heat and Ontario Electricity survey, intended to guage the levels of Energy Poverty due to rising electricity prices has wrapped up. The results are now available. Thank you to everybody who participated.

Proposed the outsourcing of Sheriff’s services

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, has proposed the outsourcing of Sheriff’s services. Most government "proposals" signal their intentions. The concern is that this will reduce the accountability of the government for any lowering of the quality of the services or increases in costs, and that the replacements may feel or act more beholden to those paying for those services (such as landlords), rather than being a more impartial beholder of the law and Tribunal and Court Orders.

You can find details of this at the Ministry of the Attorney General’s web site Consultation and the Ministry’s consultation document may be found at Report.

As stated by the Ministry:
"Please provide your comments no later than February 29, 2016.
Both electronic and hard copy submissions will be accepted.
Electronic submissions may be sent by email to
Please use the subject line: Civil Enforcement Service Delivery Review so that we can track your comments.

Written submissions may be mailed or faxed to:

Attention: Civil Enforcement Service Delivery Review
The Ministry of the Attorney General
Court Services Division
Civil and Family Policy and Programs Branch
720 Bay Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9

Fax: 416.326.4289"

Is your apartment too cold?

For the many people asking what is the law on minimum apartment temperature, this is regulated by your city or town, and the list covering 95% of apartments in Ontario municipalities can be found at Minimum Apartment Temperature by-laws.

Tenant Poster

Save and print out this Tenant Poster in Microsoft Word format. If you are happy with the work of this web site it would be greatly appreciated if you were to put up one or more of these half-page posters, in your laundry room, community centre, grocery store or other bulletin board, to inform other tenants of this free web site. And yes, the bottom of the page needs a few cuts to separate the tags with the address of this web site. Thank you.

This web site questions the accuracy of CMHC Ontario rent statistics

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, an arm of the our federal government, twice yearly reports on rents and vacancy rates throughout Canada. These figures provided by landlords are used by all levels of government to help set housing policy. They are also widely reported by the media and influence the public's impression of rental housing costs.

Read my press release: CMHC Rental Market Survey on why the rent statistics for Ontario are inherently inaccurate, and why comparing one year to the next is like comparing apples to oranges. Canada Mortgage and Housing figures in recent year under-report real rental costs and therefore under-report the rate of rent increases.

No rent controls whatsover on apartments first occupied after Oct 31, 1991

Tenants Receive Notices of 30% Rent Increases, Northernlife (Sudbury,) January 11, 2008. Yes, under the Ontario Liberal Government's self-proclaimed "real rent controls" any rental units or buildings first occupied on or after November 1, 1991 are completely exempt from rent controls under the Residential Tenancies Act. See: what about Rent Controls.

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