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This law was repealed on January 31, 2007 and is no longer in use

Tenant Protection Act
Statutes of Ontario 1997, c. 24

Amended by: 1998, c. 19, s. 186; 1999, c. 6, s. 62; 2000, c. 26, Sched. K, s. 6; 2000, c. 27, s. 179; 2001, c. 9, Sched. J, s. 4; 2001, c. 13, s. 32.

As of October 7, 2002, ver 6.0g

This is an unofficial version of Government of Ontario legal materials.

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Ontario Tenant Protection Act
1. Interpretation 2. Application of Act
3. Exemptions from Act 4. Exemptions from rules relating to rent
5. Exemptions related to social, etc., housing 6. Rent geared to income
7. Application to determine issues
Tenancy Agreements
8. Tenancy agreement 9. Commencement of tenancy
10. Frustrated contracts 11. Covenants interdependent
12. Covenants running with land 13. Minimize losses
14. Acceleration clause void 15. "No pet" provisions void
16. Provisions conflicting with Act void
Assignment and Subletting
17. Assignment of tenancy 18. Subletting rental unit
Entry into Rental Unit or Residential Complex
19. Privacy 20. Entry without notice
21. Entry with notice 22. Entry by canvassers
23. Changing locks
Additional Responsibilities of Landlord
24. Landlord's responsibility to repair 25. Landlord's responsibility re services
26. Landlord not to interfere with reasonable enjoyment 27. Landlord not to harass, etc.
Additional Responsibilities of Tenant
28. Tenant not to harass, etc. 29. Cleanliness
30. Tenant's responsibility for damage
Enforcement of Rights under this Part
31. Distress abolished 32. Tenant applications
33. Order re assignment, sublet 34. Order, repair, comply with standards
35. Other orders re s. 32 36. Locking systems, landlord application re alteration
37. Locking systems, order
Human Rights Code
38. Selecting prospective tenants
Security of Tenure
39. Tenancy terminated 40. Deemed renewal where no notice
41. Restriction on recovery of possession 42. Disposal of abandoned property, unit vacated
Notice of Termination - General Provisions
43. Notice of termination 44. Where notice void
45. Compensation, unit not vacated
Notice of Termination - End of Period or Term of Tenancy
46. Tenant's notice to terminate tenancy, end of period or term 47. Period of notice
Notice by Tenant for Termination Assignment of Tenancy Refused
48. Notice by tenant
Death of Tenant
49. Death of tenant 50. Landlord may dispose of property
Notice by Landlord for Termination at End of Period or Term
51. Notice, landlord personally, etc., requires unit 52. Where purchaser personally requires unit
53. Notice, demolition, conversion or repairs 54. Conversion to condominium, security of tenure
55. Compensation, demolition or conversion 56. Tenant's right of first refusal, repair or renovation
57. Tenant's right to compensation, repair or renovation 58. Tenant's right to compensation, severance
59. Security of tenure, severance, subdivision 60. Notice end of term, additional grounds
Notice by Landlord for Termination before End of Period or Term
61. Non-payment of rent 62. Termination for cause, illegal acts, misrepresentation
63. Termination for cause, damage 64. Termination for cause, reasonable enjoyment
65. Termination for cause, act impairs safety 66. Termination for cause, too many persons
67. Notice of termination, further contravention
Superintendent's Premises
68. Superintendent's premises
Application to Tribunal by Landlord - Landlord has given Notice of Termination
69. Application by landlord 70. Landlord personally requires premises
71. Demolition, conversion, repairs 72. Non-payment of rent
73. Illegal act or misrepresentation of income 74. Correction; animals
75. Immediate application
Application to Tribunal by Landlord - Landlord has not given Notice of Termination
76. Agreement to terminate, tenant's notice 77. Application based on previous order, mediated settlement
78. Abandonment of rental unit 79. Landlord may dispose of property, abandoned unit
80. Superintendent's premises 81. Unauthorized occupancy
Landlord or Tenant Application Overholding Subtenant
82. Overholding subtenant
Eviction Orders
83. Effective date of order 83.1 Expiry date of order
84. Power of Tribunal, eviction 85. Effect of eviction order
Other Landlord Applications
86. Compensation 87. Compensation for damage
88. Compensation, misrepresentation of income
Other Tenant Notices and Applications
89. Compensation, overholding subtenant 90. Tenant's notice, application re subtenant
Rights and Duties of Landlords and Tenants
91. Agreement required 92. Information to tenant
93. Tenancy agreement: consultation, cancellation 94. Entry check condition of tenant
95. Assignment, subletting in care homes 96. Notice of termination
97. Termination, care homes 98. Notice of termination, demolition, conversion or repairs
Transferring Tenancy
99. Transferring tenancy
Rules Related to Rent
100. Rent in care home 101. Notice of increased charges
102. Certain charges permitted
103. Part applies to land lease communities 104. Interpretation
Rights and Duties of Landlords and Tenants
105. Tenant's right to sell, etc. 106. Landlord's right of first refusal
107. Advertising a sale 108. Assignment
109. Restraint of trade prohibited 110. Responsibility of landlord
Termination of Tenancies
111. Mobile home abandoned 112. Death of mobile home owner
113. Extended notice of termination, special cases
Rules Related to Rent and Other Charges
114. New tenant 115. Entrance and exit fees limited
Proceedings before the Tribunal
116. Increased capital expenditures
General Rules
117. Security deposits, limitation 118. Rent deposit may be required
118.1 Rent deposit, prospective tenant 119. Post-dated cheques
120. Receipt for payment
General Rules Concerning Amount of Rent Charged
121. Landlord not to charge more than lawful rent 122. Landlord's duty, rent increases
Lawful Rent
123. Lawful rent when this Act comes into force 124. New tenant
125. Miscellaneous new tenancy agreements 126. 12-month rule
127. Notice of rent increase required 128. Deemed acceptance where no notice of termination
129. Guideline increase
Agreements to Increase, Decrease Rent
130. Agreement 131. Tenant application
132. Additional services, etc. 133. Coerced agreement void
134. Decrease in services, etc.
Additional Grounds for Rent Increase
135. Increase to maximum rent
Reduction of Rent - Municipal Taxes Reduced
136. Municipal taxes reduced 137. Application for variation
Landlord Application for Rent Increase
138. Increased operating costs, capital expenditures 139. Two ordered increases
Illegal Additional Charges
140. Additional charges prohibited 141. Rent deemed lawful
Applications to Tribunal by Tenant
142. Reduction in rent, reduction in services 143. Reduction in rent, reduction in taxes
144. Money collected illegally
Vital Services
145. Definitions 146. By-laws respecting vital services
147. Notice by supplier 148. Inspection
149. Services by municipality 150. Appeal
151. Payments transferred 152. Use of money
153. Immunity
Maintenance Standards
154. Prescribed standards and complaints 155. Inspector's work order
156. Review of work order
157. Tribunal established 158. Composition
159. Chair and vice-chair 160. Quorum
161. Conflict of interest 162. Power to determine law and fact
163. Members, mediators not compellable 164. Rules and Guidelines Committee
165. Information on rights and obligations 166. Employees
167. Professional assistance 168. Reports
169. Tribunal may set, charge fees 170. Fee refunded, review
171. Expeditious procedures 172. Form of application
173. Combining applications 174. Parties
175. Service 176. Tribunal may extend, shorten time
177. File dispute 178. How notice or document given
179. How notice or document given to Tribunal 180. Time
181. Tribunal may mediate 182. Money paid to Tribunal
182.1 Tribunal may refuse to proceed if money owing 183. Where Tribunal may dismiss
184. SPPA applies 185. Joinder and severance of applications
185.1 Application severed 186. Amendment and withdrawal of applications
187. Other powers of Tribunal 188. Findings of Tribunal
189. Correction of deemed rent 190. Conditions in order
191. Order payment 192. Default orders
193. Monetary jurisdiction; deduction of rent; interest 194. Notice of decision
195. Order final, binding 196. Appeal rights
197. Tribunal may appeal Court decision 198. Substantial compliance sufficient
198.1 Electronic documents 199. Contingency fees, limitation
Administration and Enforcement
200. Duties of Minister 201. Delegation
202. Investigators and inspectors 203. Inspection and investigation
204. Warrant 205. Protection from personal liability
206. Offences 207. Evidence
208. Regulations

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